Press Release: SkyLights partners with mk2 to bring VR films to aircraft

“Airplanes are a promising distribution channel for VR content and we are delighted to partner with Skylights and benefit from their expertise to make premium immersive experiences available to travellers worldwide” says mk2’s CEO Elisha Karmitz.

With the precedent set for VR content inflight, VR IFE is likely to see exponential growth in the coming years. While airlines show increasing interest in the new medium, the VR content market continues to rapidly develop and diversify. As such, airlines adopting the new IFE system will be able to offer their passengers more choice and personalisation in their VR experiences.

About SkyLights

SkyLights is an American-French company that leverages cinematic VR as premium passenger entertainment. It has a signature immersive-IFE solution that transports passengers to their own, private, in-flight movie theater where they can enjoy 3D, 2D and 180°/360° content on a wide-angle cinema screen. On average, passengers use the device for 4 hours with a 90% recommendation rate.

Intended for airline customer experience managers, the end-to-end solution (content, hardware, software & operations-setup) is tailored to upgrade and differentiate the business class experience. The company was founded in February 2015 and has offices in San Francisco, Paris and Toulouse.

About mk2

mk2 is a multi-award winning film exhibitor possessing a know-how extracted from 42 years of cinematic excellence. mk2 distributes a unique library of more than 800 films in France and around the world and operates 26 theaters in Europe. mk2 has been awarded several times for the movie they produced or distributed, including 160 awards in major film festivals. From mk2’s conception to today, innovation and creation has been part of their DNA. mk2 VR is a logical move for such an innovative and experimented company.  mk2 aims to empower the virtual reality world by opening venues, investing in content production and distribution, while offering plug-and-play technology and a communication agency dedicated to VR.

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